different side profile drawing for both men and women

All About Side Profile Drawing

If you love to draw faces and you’ve already mastered how to draw a face straight-on, the next obvious step is learning how to draw a side profile...

On a blue and white background, there is a frame that says ‘’Create Your Own Oil Painting’ and on the bottom, there is color and brush.

How to Create Your Own Oil Painting

Whether you’ve always dreamt of being an artist or you’d just like to try out creating your very own oil painting – perhaps you’re already on the way to becoming an oil painting artist, there are lots of useful tips below to help you paint ...

there are hands painting on the painting canvas with colors and spatula

Learn All About Galaxy Painting 

The galaxy – it’s fascinating!  All of those marvellous planets with different shapes, sizes, and colors so far away from us yet visible from a telescope – with hidden secrets and lashings of mystery...

drawing reference dog

Draw with Reference is Easy Breeze

A drawing reference is very easy to explain.  Rather than drawing freehand, you draw from a reference picture...